Welcome to Rooper's Pugs!! Our family lives in the beautiful countryside of Culpeper County Virginia. I started raising Pugs because they brought so much happiness into our family, I wanted to share that joy with others. All of our dogs are pets!! They live in our home with us. We like being a small hobby breeder. There are no outside buildings or hidden kennels here. We give our dogs the best of care and love. Puppies are raised in our home with lots of love to ensure that they are well socialized with people and children and ready to be a wonderful companion for many years to come.
Pet line AKC are $800 and Champion line AKC are $1000. with deposit.
  Puppies that are available for "sale now " without deposit are $1000 pet and $1200 CH- Updated/Effective 6/1/2015
I do not accept personal checks. Money order or cash only.  A Deposit to hold a puppy is NON REFUNDABLE $150. for pet line -and $250. for Champion lines. This is deducted from the total price due at pick up. Please email me first if you would like to place a reserve deposit on an upcoming litter. A deposit is for one spot only. I only hold 3- 4 pet line reserve deposits on each sex and color (3- 4 for black males, 3-4 for fawn males etc...) We hold 3 reserve deposits for each sex & color on each Champion line breeding female. You can check our puppies page for what is openI will call people that have a deposit when puppies are 3-4 weeks old to set an appointment to come see/pick your puppy at 5 weeks old. Puppies are ready to go to their homes at 7 weeks of age. I offer a 6 month health guarantee against any life threatening illness. If you do not get a puppy out of an upcoming litter you get moved to the next litter. I have no control over what they have therefore can not ever guarantee an exact date. Puppies will have their 1st shot (5 way) given by us. They will be dewormed at 2/4/6 weeks.

When coming to see your puppy at 5 weeks old and pick up at 7/8 we ask you bring only yourself and no more than 2 guests.  Please NO children under 10 years of age on our property. We ask this not to be rude but for the safety of our very young unvaccinated puppies and to prevent accidents. Please respect our rules

 We also ask that you respect our home and our time when visiting your puppy. We are not a pet store. This is our home  :) When your appointment is set plan ahead for your trip and BE ON TIME. It is not fair to the next customer to wait on you because you are late. Appointments are 1 hour apart at view. When your time is over it's over late or not.  
We have an underground invisible dog fence. I have signs up that say do not go in the fence (my yard) DOGS MAY BITE. Please stay on the sidewalk, please do not walk around in the yard or attempt to pet our dogs if outside.  

No smoking on our property. Cigarette butts are poisonous to dogs.

QUESTIONS I CAN ANSWER HERE-Can you bring your dog to visit with ours, even if it was one of our pups? NO...we do not allow any dogs besides our own on our property for multiple safety reasons. 

Do we allow visits when we do not have puppies? Sorry, but we do not. We have nothing to hide. Our dogs are all kept in our home and treated with love and given the best of care.  However, this is our home, I have children, one child has Autism and I do not want my home to be open to the public unless we have puppies. If I allow one person to visit I will have to allow all. We have references available upon request.  You may friend us on Facebook for pictures and video. A majority of our past customers are our friends there.

We are only 1 1/2 hours from DC and 2 hours from Baltimore MD

We like to feel good about the homes our puppies go to. A Pug puppy can bring a lot of joy and love into your home. What people sometimes forget about is what an enormous responsibility it is having a puppy to care for. Ask yourself will you be giving it the BEST care it can receive? Do you have the time and money it takes to properly care for it? A puppy should not be a gift for a birthday or Christmas present!! WHY?  -they are a lifetime responsibility and will be a family member. The excitement of a new gift wears off but a puppy will grow and need your care for many years. Do not buy puppies as gifts!
You cannot leave a Pug outside in extreme weather. They can die very quickly in extreme heat or cold because of their smashed faces. They have NO common sense around moving vehicles. You should invest in DOG WATCH fencing (link below) or other containment to protect them and keep them out of the driveway or road. Understand that I want you both to have a positive experience and love each other for many years to come. This is why this should be a well thought through decision and not made in haste. Pugs make great pets if you are looking for a small, child-friendly and lovable companion. They are in the top 10 for best family friendly dogs.

Most questions are answered on our webpage. Please go to the home page and read to answer many of your questions. :) All heat schedules are estimate dates. I have no way of predicting an exact time nor can I provide a puppy to anyone on an exact date when asked to do so. Sorry, but there is not a "push for a puppy button" here. Nature decides what sex/color and how many. Not me :)  Anyone that does not get a puppy out of one litter gets moved to the next litter for that dog (CH) or next available puppy for pet line. We have many past customers on our Facebook page. Picks are in the order that deposits are received. ALL OPEN DEPOSITS ARE POSTED ALONG WITH HEAT SCHEDULE




DogWatch of the Piedmont Solve your indoor needs with Scoot!™ Ask me to show you Scoot!™, one of several indoor solutions that can help you safely and economically keep your pet off the couch, away from the kitchen island or foyer entrance. No more closed doors or baby gates and your pet wears the same collar as your outdoor system!

This is not our #- this is the gentleman that does our DOGWATCH FENCING- DO NOT CALL HIM FOR A PUPPY :)
800-850-5242 Lawrence Sowers

 DogWatch of the Piedmont has been in business since December of 1995. We provide high quality service and references to potential customers. All installations are completed by trained and certified technicians. We service the communities of Culpeper, Madison, Orange, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg,Charlottesville-Albermarle, Greene, Nelson, Lousia, Fluvanna, Palmyra, Fauquier and Loudoun. "Keep your pets safe and get the best possible service in the local area." DogWatch Hidden Fences leads the industry with innovative solutions to keep dogs and cats safely contained — indoors or out. We’ve surrounded over 300,000 pets with the freedom they deserve while providing homeowners with convenience, peace of mind, professional training and installation. Our SafeLink™ FM radio signal protects pets from unintentional signals; our two-year battery life is safer for pets and easier for owners; our twenty training levels respects every pets’ personality; and AutoMemory™ adjusts the training levels when pets need reinforcement. Visit our new website at:

Contact me by EMAIL. All open deposits are listed on our puppies page. If you do not see it we do not have it. Please put in the subject line DEPOSIT REQUESTED FOR(___________) and the date. Most general questions are answered on our webpage.

Also visit us on Facebook- Roopers Pugs

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